Four years after the disappearance of the Phoera, a powerful Phoenix spirit, and the world is beginning to feel the absence of their saviour. White Dragons roam the skies, picking apart shepherds’ flocks, and gangs of Vecnan thugs make roads unsafe.

Cities which once spread wild across the countryside now huddle fearful of invasion, festering in their stagnant holes. They fear invasion, but it is what is being birthed within them which spells their end. Rumours spread of diseases which mottle the flesh and warp the form. Governments fall to madness.

But this is all too big for any one person to see. The phoenix spirit saw this coming, and held off as long as it could. But death comes to all, and even a phoenix must be reborn. But where is it now? One year and one day: that is how long the phoenix spirit must rest. So three years after it should have returned, where is it?

In the small city-state nation of Delorn, a group of adventurers are called before the mayor on an important mission. Little do they know that this adventure begins a life or death struggle to not only save the world, but time itself.

In the Hall of the Phoenix King

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