Regions and Towns Within


Relleker – A large merchant city, said to be the centre of Delorn’s power.
Wyllea – The spiritual capital of Delorn, ruled by its Founder.


Tarega – The capital of Tarega, ruled by its King. Recent civil unrest has spoiled this once majestic city.
Tarega Port – The small port city at the base of Tarega.

Mindithir (Fey)

Mindithir – A city settled by Mindith millenia ago.
Mindithanith – A sister city to Mindithir, corrupted by Orcus centuries back.

Fennisvale (destroyed)

Fennis – A city consumed by the Phoera four years ago.
Shadowhaunt Mausoleum – An ancient tomb with hidden power.
Thunderspire Tower – A majestic tower said to house an ailing wizard.

Taverns, Ships, Buildings of Import

Sea Spray – A ship crewed by Captain Finithor’s pirates.


In the Hall of the Phoenix King Foxtale