Moravan International Exchange

A service operated by dwarves which usually has a small office in merchant cities and a large office in capital cities. They provide a number of services ranging from postal delivery, to bank storage, safety deposit boxes, money exchange, and money lending.

Essentially, most of the populace uses their services for everyday banking. Some merchants store their wealth with them, so that it is easily accessible in whichever city they travel to.

A PC can use MIE in the following ways:

  • Postal Delivery – if a letter or item needs to be sent across a distance, it can be done so for 1 silver piece for a letter, 1 gold piece for an item of up to 3 pounds, and 60 gold piece for any item greater weight than that.
  • Local Bank Storage – The charge is 1 gold piece per week for the use of a Bag of Holding (200 pounds or 20 cubic feet) protected and insured in a specific local office. Weeks can be paid for ahead of time, and a year can be paid for at 45gp, or ten years at 400gp. An overdue fee of 1gp is incurred for each week the storage is unpaid for. After 52 weeks, the items within the storage space are auctioned to pay the debt.
  • International Deposit Boxes – The premium service. The charge is 5 gold pieces per week for the use of a Handy Haversack (1000 pounds or 100 cubic feet) protected and insured within the international treasure vault. Similar measures as with the local storage is taken with a 10gp overdue fee, and 52 week maximum. Again, weeks can be paid for ahead of time at 225gp for a year, or 2000gp for ten years.
    • Retrieving any item of 3 pounds or less (150gp) costs nothing, up to 20 transactions in one day (3000gp).
    • Alternatively, customers can gain direct access to their deposit box for 120 gold pieces.
    • This automatically allows for international money storage. There is an unlimited amount of money which can be stored with MIE, but withdrawing is subject to the same limitations as with items.
  • Money Exchange – For 1 silver piece, customers can exchange any gems or coins they find for platinum pieces of the same value.
  • Money Lending – Rather expensive, but useful as a last resort. Any amount is able to be lent, but MIE generally limits it. Those with good credit ratings can generally get better deals, as can those with deposit boxes or banked storage. There is an instant fee of 5% on any lending. Each month, the amount owed raises by 20%.

How do they do it?

MIE is actually a unique system of magical items and rituals put together by a brilliant mind. Every office has at least one Pouch of Shared Acquisition (some bigger offices have many) which links their office to the head office. Requests and posts are sent via these pouches.

For larger items, Linked Portals (jealously guarded sigils) allow the movement of objects. Usually, MIE will have designated times for transfer of items to save on costs (usually midday). At five times the normal cost, a customer can gain instant access to their goods.

Each office has a well-guarded storage space which is a room with approximately 50-500 Bags of Holding. Customers are given access to one or more of these as part of their fees.

Attacks on the office or theft is nearly impossible. Although the smaller offices may have an easily accessible room, wards alert the head office to a break-in or attack, and guards are instantly dispatched.


Their name derives from the gods Moradin and Avandra. The offices often have a small shrine to both gods, on opposite walls. Moradin, because he is the god of craftsmanship and artisans. They follow his philosophy and demand loyalty to their customers, and meet adversity with stoicism and tenacity. Avandra because she is the goddess of luck and of merchants. They follow her philosophy in that this is how they wish to change the world for the better.

Moravan International Exchange

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