Magic Items and Loot

A list of what items have been found. You can also List items by Character

Burglar’s Gloves Shadowhaunt Mausoleum Alicia
Acrobat Boots Shadowhaunt Mausoleum Alicia
+1 Flaming Burst Longbow Shadowhaunt Mausoleum Vahnir
+1 Moonstone Dagger Goblin Camp Alicia
+1 Defensive Staff Relleker Ulrick Klezstar
+1 Shimmering Cloth Armour Relleker Ulrick Klezstar
Muleback Harness Relleker Ulrick Klezstar
+1 Bloodcurse Rod Relleker Medrash
+1 Deathcut Leather Armour Relleker Medrash
+1 Amulet of Health Relleker Medrash
+1 Deathstalker Hand Crossbow Relleker Alicia
+1 Bloodcut Leather Armour Relleker Alicia
+1 Bloodcut Hide Armour Relleker Lost
+1 Reproachful Shortsword Relleker Lost
+1 Wounding Longsword Relleker Lost
Catstep Boots Relleker Lost
Onyx Dog Tarega Palace Ulrick Klezstar
Obsidian Horse Tarega Palace Vahnir
+2 Veteran’s Cloth Armour The Winter Queen’s Lair Ulrick Klezstar
+2 Greatbow of Transference Mindithir Vahnir
+2 Ghost Touch Longsword Mindithanith Lost
+1 Cape of the Mountebank Mindithir Alicia
+1 Reproachful Shortsword Relleker Vahnir
+1 Flaming Burst Longsword Relleker Vahnir


Water Spirit Potions (2) Sea Spray Party

Magic Items and Loot

In the Hall of the Phoenix King Foxtale