In the Hall of the Phoenix King

The Prequel Story
The story up to now.

A group of brave adventurers began this business. Whether they knew how things would pan out is another question completely.

Favner, a dragonborn defender; Jord Drygovich, the human warlord; Alicia, the eladrin rogue and her accidental companion Vahnir, the elf ranger; and ???, (damn, I’m bad at names) the eladrin wizard. Those are the names of the legends.

It began with a simple request by a silversmith: “retrieve my two sons.” He asked. And having retrieved those children and faced against a foul undead sorcerer, the party returned triumphant to the city.

But all was not as it would have seemed. Reports were coming in of the caravan routes under attack, and the party came to the attention of the local ruler. He sent them out to the canyons to find the source of this pillaging.

That was the first time anyone saw the dragons. A party of white dragons, swooping from the sky, headed for the Thunderspire Tower: an ancient bastion said to house an elderly ailing wizard. The adventurers fought one dragon, and were it not for the quick thinking actions of Jorg, who threw his shield in the face of his draconic foe, it would surely have escaped to regroup with its dragon hordes. As it was, the dragon fell before them.

Planning to follow newly discovered tracks, the party prepared to break camp the next morning and head further into the mountains. Goblins, it seemed, were the cause of the caravan looting. But before they could even start off, the dragon swarm returned, and landed amongst their fallen ally. Only diplomacy and nifty language skills saved the party, convincing the other white dragons that they were not worth the trouble.

After this near-death experience, they headed off and into the mountains. Deep within a tomb, they discovered the goblin threat. And having defeated the greenskins, the party moved onto the final battle. But a door stood fast in their way. The door spoke a riddle. Figuring it out, the party blew on one gem in the door, spread water on another, fire on a third, and earth on the fourth. Then, reflecting sunlight off of their various metal equipment onto the door, only one of magic born pressed against the door and opened it.

Sunlight flooded in, and the secret valley was revealed. Defeating the goblins within this valley, they found a portal to the fey realm, sealed up against anything passing through. Alicia and ? fey stepped through, and found themselves in their home plane. But it was not enough. Alicia rested and returned back to the party while ? became lost in the forest, and wandered for days before finding her way back.

The party, shaken, returned to the city, passing by a strange pile of wood on its way out of the cavern. On a number of other jobs around the city, they would find similar piles circling the town.

The adventure reached a climax as the party encountered the Phoera: a king among the phoenix firebirds. It claimed it needed to complete a ritual, from which it would ascend into the sky, split into two beings: the astral being, and the elemental being, and would rejuvenate. In one year and one day it would return, more powerful than ever, to stop the dragons conquering the world. For it was the ultimate hero of neutrality, sworn to defend the world from both good and evil.

They agreed to aid it in the ritual, and protected it as it began. In the midst of the city, they were assailed by dragonspawn hordes, until the ritual was complete. The phoera, in a blast of fiery light, soared high into the sky and vanished. A column of perfect fire remained in its wake. Then a mindvoice spoke to the party.

“I will spare you this, as you aided me,” it said, “In five minutes this city will become an inferno and all will be consumed to allow my elemental side to leave. Run, run while you can.”

They didn’t need a second warning. The party ran as fast as they could, as the fire blossomed behind them. The entire valley seemed to be choked with fire, but they ran to the one place they could escape it: the fey portal. As all of their friends in the city charred and died, the party could only run for their lives. First, ??? tripped and fell back in the fire, and then, at the entrance to the cave, Jorg stopped to close the door, and was trapped with the inferno. Two of their allies dead, the others ran faster, and through the fey portal, sealing it behind them. The fire continued, but could not pass through the portal.

Safe once more, the party mourned their losses and continued.

Four Years Later

Alicia and Vahnir, having travelled together for some time, found themselves drawn into the city of Relleker and its calls for aid. There, they met with Lost, the swashbuckling tiefling pirate, and continued on their journey together.

Relleker's Need

This is the encounter with the mayor.

The Road not Travelled

These are the two fights on the road: *The white dragon in the canyon *The cube in the road

Guests of Honour

This is where you tried to convince Leader Neelani to forget the tax.

Alone in the Dark

This is the fight in the tunnel.

The Town of Undead

This is the town of the undead.

Temple of Vecna

This is the encounter against the vecnan high priest.

To Tarega, Shipbound!

Four weeks later

The mayor asks for you guys back again. Go to small trading port in the east. Pirate captain. Drink him under the table for ship passage.

Bad Slaad and Lightning Lobster

On the ocean, with a girl (lady madeline) and her bodyguard. You are attacked by slaad tadpoles, water elementals, and lobsters crackling with lightning.

Ship pirates and captain (armed with two repeater handcrossbows) fight off half of them, you guys fight off the others.

Clothing the Window

You reach the town, find the tuna-bake recipe, are rebuffed by the advisor. Where Alice throws the clothes out the window, CJ attacks the toilet, and you sneak in to find the King. Wow, a lot happened here.


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