In the Hall of the Phoenix King

Given the Cold Shoulder

Attack on the Winter Queen, including the skill challenge to run through the battle. The queen and her ice elementals. At the end, she laughs because you’re too late to stop the King getting killed.


Where the assassins drop through the window at dinner, the cobra and metal dog jump out, you kill them. Chase down the last assassin, Christoph shoots from long range, and shoots the drainpipe to make it fall as the assassin lands, and CJ cuts one of its fingers off, and Nick (Ulric) reveals his asmodean religion.

Clothing the Window

You reach the town, find the tuna-bake recipe, are rebuffed by the advisor. Where Alice throws the clothes out the window, CJ attacks the toilet, and you sneak in to find the King. Wow, a lot happened here.

Bad Slaad and Lightning Lobster

On the ocean, with a girl (lady madeline) and her bodyguard. You are attacked by slaad tadpoles, water elementals, and lobsters crackling with lightning.

Ship pirates and captain (armed with two repeater handcrossbows) fight off half of them, you guys fight off the others.

To Tarega, Shipbound!

Four weeks later

The mayor asks for you guys back again. Go to small trading port in the east. Pirate captain. Drink him under the table for ship passage.

Temple of Vecna

This is the encounter against the vecnan high priest.

The Town of Undead

This is the town of the undead.

Alone in the Dark

This is the fight in the tunnel.

Guests of Honour

This is where you tried to convince Leader Neelani to forget the tax.

The Road not Travelled

These are the two fights on the road: *The white dragon in the canyon *The cube in the road


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