The Winter Queen

A rogue sorcerer of Gnilash.


Solo Encounter – 700xp

Initiative +4, Saves +2, Action Points 2, Resist 5 Cold

HP 122, Bloodied 61, AC 21, Fort 15, Reflex 16, Will 15

Attacks: Quarterstaff, Dragonfrost, Icicle Dance (Encounter), Frost Wave (Encounter), Endless Power (Recharge 6).

STR +2, DEX +4, WIS +5, CON +3, INT +6, CHA +3


The Winter Queen, also known as Joy Nelana, ruled an organisation of bandits within Tarega known for their ties with Gnilash, the god of frost and cold. It was said that she did a deal with the devil for her powers, but it’s actually that she was a descendant of the line of those whose blood was infused by that of Gnilash centuries ago.

With such powers over cold as she had, how could she not turn to profit and greed?

The Winter Wolves stayed out of the politics of Tarega during the uprising, but began causing trouble soon after. Many said they were unhappy with the ruler. Perhaps it was that he was not as malleable as the last was.

The Winter Wolves were destroyed mostly by the palace guard in a large battle near Talini Falls, and the Winter Queen vanished with them. Some say she ended up in the palace prison, but nobody knows for sure.

The Winter Queen

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