Lady Madeline Lenore

A princess destined for political marriage.


A 15 year old princess with some wits about her, and a fighting spirit. She is a level 1 fighter.


Where other girls were interested in dolls and paper toys, Madeline was into books and learning. She began sneaking out at an early age to go to the streets, and play with the street urchins. They didn’t know what she really was.

This is perhaps one of the reasons she was given The Barbarian as a bodyguard. He complimented her as no other guard could. Able to sit silent while she debated philosophy with herself or used him as a sounding board, he was strong enough to get her out of the trouble she constantly got into.

In secret, she began to learn how to fight from him. Proficient with fists and grabs, Madeline was able to stave off a kidnapping attempt long enough for her bodyguard to reach her.

The party encountered her first on the Sea Spray as she and her bodyguard travelled to Tarega to be introduced to the king. As befitting her position as a princess, she was sent into such a political marriage by her father to gain access to Tarega’s superior technology. She and the king seem to get along well, bonding in near-death experiences.

Lady Madeline Lenore

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