The Barbarian

A barbarian bodyguard of Lady Madeline.


Barbarian with considerable strength and constitution. He wears chainmail, and wields a Bastard Sword and a Greataxe.


This mysterious figure is as yet unnamed and the party has only encountered him as part of Lady Madeline’s guard.

He is barechested, heavily muscled, and tanned. His dark hair is cropped short.

He was first seen on the ship from Delorn to Tarega, but did not emerge from belowdecks even when the ship came under attack. He was next seen in the castle, protecting Lady Madeline against the assassins and then later, escaping from the Avatar of Gnilash.

In trying to stop the Avatar, he was knocked into a wall and unconscious, and would have died there had it not been for the desperate actions of his protectee. Madeline pulled him through the portal to safety.

He says very little and only speaks when it is required.

The Barbarian

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