Vahnir Longshadow

Ranger/Cleric with that annoying talking bow. SHUT UP MOKUBA!


The son of a cleric of Erathis, the god of cities and civilisation, Vahnir had always wanted to get away from his overbearing, arrogant father and the temple.

Vahnir’s father, Carahil Longshadow had dreamed that his son would follow in his footsteps and eventually become the leader of the temple of Erathis in the backwater town of Acrehold.

Vahnir’s mother, only known as Leivia, had planned for her son to become a sworn protector of the temple, and train as a paladin of Erathis.

Vahnir had no desire to follow either of these career paths. He consulted the tomes of Erathis and decided that the true will of his god was to expand civilisation by any means necessary. As a result, he trained as a ranger, surmising that learning as much as he could about nature would make it easier for him to ruthlessly dominate it. Vahnir plans to create his own settlement, a vibrant trading port on the junction of two roads, or in a good deep-water cove, and will take steps to acquire the money he requires to establish such a city.

Upon the age of twenty, Vahnir fled Acrehold with nothing more than a bow and a longsword he had stolen from the temple armoury. It was then that he created his first set of hide armour from the skin of a roaming bear, symbolising his first attempt to bend nature to his will.

In his time adventuring, Vahnir has learnt that though his father was a small minded fool, the lessons given to him on how to heal wounds were quite valuable. Vahnir has slowly become more and more devout to his chosen god, determined to bring his dream to fruition.

Vahnir Longshadow

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