In the Hall of the Phoenix King

Yeah I Mind Mindith

“The question is,” the king asked, looking around at the vibrant green plants covering the sandstone city around them, “where are we?”

“Mindithir, my lord,” his advisor answered. “It is an ancient city in the built of sandstone blocks kept from eroding by the ‘emerald of Mindith’.

Vahnir pipes up, “It was settled thousands of years ago. An aura of protection surrounds the city, keeping everything at bay better than a wall.”

And Ulric butts in, “Actually, the entire city functions under a true seeing spell, and the wall is under a dimensional anchor spell. With so many creatures able to trick or fey step, they need defences against it.”

The party arrived at a teleportation circle, and are quickly ushered away from it by the guards: who stand resplendent in platinum armour. One of them recognises the advisor. “You are of Tarega, are you not, human?”

“I am,” he says back. “Tarega’s palace is under attack by agents of Orcus.” The guardsman hisses. “Including an avatar of Gnilash. That meant a wizard more powerful than myself. We chose to run instead of die. I bring the King of Tarega.” He gestures.

The other guard steps up, “he doesn’t look like the king. Oh well, but you humans change so quickly. Pleased to meet you, highness.” A faint bow and the hint of a smile. “I will take you to see the Low One. This way. And you?” He asks the party.

“We’re… uh, bodyguards.”

He leads the party through the maze of the city and then up into the top reaches. Bridges made of sandstone span across, high above the ground and only five feet wide. Occasionally he turns you back and takes a route which is exceedingly long, as some bridges end with fifteen foot gaps. As the party turns around they see another citizen approach one of the bridges, and fey step across it. “My apologies for our city’s design,” the guard says, “it was created in such a way as to make things easier for us, and more beautiful. That does tend to leave outsiders without a way to go anywhere. Ah, here we are.”

The palace is a thin complex resembling a tree, held up by the various sandstone bridges which span out from it. It looks like a spider, hanging in the midst of the forest. Beneath it, and held up from the ground, is a glowing green gem that pulses with energy.

You are brought into the palace and before the Low One. He is an eladrin of quite some age, dressed in what appears to be artfully placed rags so as to create an appearance of great power, but no wealth. He smiles at you with a knowing look, beetle black eyes in his hollow face. “You must be the ones who have created such a disturbance in our city,” he says. “Ah, and another monarch, it is my honour. We shall have to dine together, if you will allow me. Kiya, is it possible to find housing for our kingly friend and his retinue?”

Kiya, a young female dressed in similarly poor looking robes, whispers into his ear. He starts, and smiles. As she speaks, a panther walks out from behind the throne and growls at you.

“It appears we have room for our king, the girl, and you, Zatheia; but not for the rest of you. I am so very sorry. But, I will have you led to the foreign quarter. Doubtless you would enjoy yourself there more than here. It is so very stuffy in the beurocracy.”

The Low One and the party discuss various things, and then the party is shown to the foreign quarter with promise of work for the next day. Apparently something is disturbing the Satyr tribes that live around Mindithir and they are attacking the merchants coming into the city for the feasting celebrations.



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